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RESYAM is a new venture born of a collaboration between the artistic crafts and contemporary fine art in order to create insane objects of fascinating and astonishing beauty.

Conceived from the outset as an original means of exploring the dialogue between craftsmanship and fine art, Resyam’s objective is simple: to marry the creativity of both artist and craftsman, thus encouraging them to express themselves in hitherto unexplored ways.

Starting from the premise that craftsmen and artists share a similar fascination for detail, Resyam celebrates the craftsman’s meticulous approach to his work, while placing it at the service of artistic creativity. This vision is brought to life through a new dimension: that of the art jewel.

Imaginative and unorthodox in its form, the Resyam is equally original in both its conception and its means of distribution. In its singularity, it is also a fascinating human adventure, open to unexpected and often fortuitous encounters that celebrate artistry in all its forms, to build a new paradigm of bespoke creativity.




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